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At the Medical College of Wisconsin, we refuse to entice you with an ad that says, “This Month Only, No Money Down!” to get you to have bladeless LASIK eye surgery with Dr. John Suson. You can’t sell vision correction surgery the same way you sell fast food!

This is because Dr. Suson takes your eye needs seriously. While other bladeless LASIK eye surgery practitioners in Milwaukee convince you how quick and easy it is, he won’t. Dr. Suson knows it requires dedicated care from highly skilled doctors using the latest eye care technology, just like with any other procedure.

Bladeless LASIK

Through the Alcon Refractive Suite LASIK technique, Dr. Suson provides patients with a 100% blade-free LASIK procedure instead of using steel razor blades like other eye surgeons in Milwaukee. The fewer incisions you have to make, the better. Making every procedure as painless, safe, and fulfilling as possible is Dr. Suson’s highest priority.

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Dr. Suson sees patients at the Medical College of Wisconsin Eye Institute, located on the Milwaukee Regional Medical Campus near the Zoo Interchange.

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