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A Personal Consulation with Dr. Suson

At the Medical College of Wisconsin, we believe in a personal, caring and professional approach to eye care. That’s why we encourage patients to talk directly to Dr. Suson before making a decision about LASIK eye surgery.  The appointment will last approximately two hours.

During your consultation, here is what will occur:

  • Complete eye exam by Dr. Suson
  • Computerized mapping of the cornea
  • Undilated and dilated measurements of your prescription
  • Evaluation of the medical health of your eyes
  • Personalized determination of your qualification as a good blade-free LASIK candidate
  • Education by our staff and Dr. Suson of the real advantages of the Alcon’s Wavefront LASIK techniques compared to other technologies

To schedule your consultation, please call 414-955-7879 or fill out our Contact Us form, and our dedicated, knowledgeable staff will contact you.

And remember, at other “chain” LASIK centers, you may not have the opportunity to meet and discuss your LASIK surgery with a surgeon prior to the actual procedure. Your exam and education may be delegated to non-surgeons, technicians, and sales staff. Your only opportunity to talk directly to your surgeon at these centers may only come when a problem occurs.

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Dr. Suson sees patients at the Medical College of Wisconsin Eye Institute, located on the Milwaukee Regional Medical Campus near the Zoo Interchange.

To schedule your consultation,
call 414-955-7879

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